Association of the Belgian Publishers

Adeb - Association of the Belgian Publishers


The Association of Belgian Publishers (ADEB) groups together publishers and professional distributors of publications in all formats in the French language.

It promises its members to promote them to the public authorities, in cultural activities, in the media and to the wider public.

The publishers agree, through their membership, to respect the professional ethical code of the industry, set out in the Code des usages.

In addition to providing example template contracts and legal advice, ADEB aims to defend both the ethical and economic interests of the members of the Belgian publishing industry.

ADEB is also attentive to the evolution of the publishing industry, particularly those developments concerning new technologies and the interprofession. To this end, ADEB is a cofounder of PILEn (Partenariat interprofessionnel du livre et de l'édition numérique – The Interprofessional Partnership of Books and Digital Editions), along with Espace livres & création, the Syndicat des librairies francophones de Belgique (the Union of French-language Booksellers in Belgium) and SCAM (Société civile des Auteurs multimédia).

Every year ADEB collects the statistiques de production (the statistics of production) regarding the production of the industry, concerning both paper and digital copies, which reflects the dynamic nature of its members.

By means of its weekly ‘Flash Infos’ or through training activites, ADEB circulates information regarding the profession to its members.

In addition to its professional federal role, ADEB also ensures the promotion of publishers of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles abroad. To do this, it benefits from the support of Bruxelles-Invest & Export, the Agence Wallonne à l'Exportation (AWEX) and Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI).

ADEB also has a presence at the heart of a variety of national and international organisations, such as the Union internationale des éditeurs (the International Union of Publishers) and the Fédération des éditeurs européens (the Federation of European Publishers).

We therefore play our small part in the incredible world of publishing.