Association of the Belgian Publishers

Adeb - Association of the Belgian Publishers


The Association of the Belgian Publishers - ADEB - regroups publishers, distributors and professional diffusers publishing in French language.

She assures the promotion of her members with public authorities, cultural authorities, media and with general public.

The member publishers made a commitment, by their membership, to respect the business ethics of the Code of the uses.

Besides the typical publishing contracts and the legal advice, the ADEB looks to defend interests as much moral as economic of its members and the profession.

The Association of the Belgian Publishers is particularly attentive to the evolution of the sector, mainly compared to the new technologies and to the interprofession. As such, the ADEB is a co-founder of the PILEn - interprofessional partnership of the book and the digital publishing - with Espace livres & création, the Labor union of the French-speaking bookshops of Belgium and the SCAM - civil society of the multimedia authors.

THE ADEB collects every year the statistics of production, both for the paper and for the digital technology, which reflect the dynamism of its members.
By means of its weekly flash-information or by training initiatives, the ADEB watches the circulation of a professional information within its members.

Besides the role of any professional federation, the ADEB also assures the promotion of the publishers of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels on the overseas markets. To do it, it benefits from the support of Brussels-Invest and Export, from the Wallonia Export & Investment (AWEX) and from Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI).

The ADEB sits within diverse national and international authorities among which the International publishers association and the Federation of European publishers.

So the ADEB is playing a part in the fantastic publishing world.