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Objectives of the Legal Committee

o The establishment and provision of model contracts.

o Organising training.

o Legal advice for the members of ADEB.

o Access to a group insurance policy for members of ADEB.

o The analysis of legislative decisions which may have an impact on the publishing business, and informing members of these.

The legal committee elaborates and gives models of contracts validated by an outside lawyer specialized in copyright as well as a Code of the uses, the ethical guide resuming the usual practices of publishing in paper as well as digital formats.

The Legal Committee analyses all legislative decisions which could have an impact on the publishing industry, and makes summaries of their conclusions to the industry.

It organizes training on legal themes concerning the publishing world and, for the members of the ADEB, it offers legal advice for informative purposes. It has set up a collective insurance policy in civil and professional liability adapted to the publishing business and to its specifities.

Besides the close collaboration with the VUV, it works with the other companies (SMart, Sabam, Ligue Braille) on various issues affecting copyright to find common solutions, whilst taking care of the protection of the right of the publishers.


Current events

The legal committee met on Wednesday, 19/09/2012. Among the examined cases, let us note:

  • Copiepresse: The use of press articles by the members of the ADEB, whether it is in the form of reproduction, of emails sending to their authors or of use on their web site, require the compulsory authorization of the legal ownership (publishers of newspapers) represented by Copiepresse (Belgian French-speaking and German-speaking press) and Reprocopy (Dutch-speaking press).

Copiepresse: and Reprocopy:

  • VAT on the digital book: The case is closely followed in dialogue with the VUV. A common letter ADEB/VUV will soon be sent among others to Prime Minister and to Johan van of Lanotte to plead again for the application of the reduced rate of VAT for the digital book.
  • The private bill of Karine Lalieux extending the exception of the copyright to the communication and to the free execution in educational purposes and education was examined to make sure that it does not contain particular damage to the detriment of the publishers.

Work in progress

The legal committee is working on those cases:

  • Copyright. Legislative references: Law of June 30th, 1994 and law of May 22nd, 2005.
  • Fiscal status of the artists. Legislative references:
  • Digital publishing.
  • Rights with reprography and of loan. Legislative references: Law of June 30th, 1994 and royal order of April 25th, 2004.


The members of the ADEB who wish to do so can pass on to the committee any problem of practice, ethics or business ethics concerning the Code of the uses or copyright by fax in 02/216.71.31 or by e-mail to Vincent Van Mele -

We remind you that the legal committee cannot in every place replace consultation by the member of a specialized jurist.