Association of the Belgian Publishers

Adeb - Association of the Belgian Publishers


The Association of Belgian Publishers (ADEB)’s mission is to defend, represent, inform and promote all professionals, publishers, broadcasters and distributors of Belgian French-language publications, whatever the medium, in Belgium and abroad. ADEB works as the spokesperson of these professions.

To fulfill its mission, ADEB has set the following goals :

To group together:

  • All publishers, regardless of their size, speciality...
  • All distributors. 

To represent Belgian French-language publishing in Belgium:

  • As a sector of economic and cultural activities.
  • In order to accomplish this : 
    • ADEB sits on the Conseil du Livre (Book Publishers Board), the Fond d’aide à l’édition (Publishers’ Support Fund) and the Commission d'aide à la bande dessinée (Support Committee of the Comic Strip). 
    • It actively represents the sector to the public authorities, at a federal, regional and community level, to inform them of the activities and needs of the sector.
    • ADEB establishes and publishes statistics on the publishing sector and the book market in collaboration with the inter-profession. 

To defend the interests of the profession in Belgium:

  • In cases of common interest, through committees whose goals are to :
    • Coordinate the views of the book trade.
    • Encourage the development of digital publishing.
    • Assist publishers according to their needs. 
  • In the editorial genre, through sections who are working to :
    • Coordinate the actions of publishers who work in the same fields of publishing.
    • Promote their publications.
  • ADEB also has a section which brings together the distributors of the industry. 

To represent and defend abroad Belgian French-language publishing:

  • ADEB is active in the export markets; among other things it organises collective stands, open to all publishers of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, at book fairs and salons.
  • It is a member of the International Publishers Association (IPA), the Federation of European Publishers (FEP), and the Union of French-language Publishers (UELF). 

To inform:

  • To keep members and the inter-profession up to date with everything that could influence their activities in the publishing world.
  • To notify all members of any developments and changes in certain projects, and to respond to specific requests. 

To accomplish this, ADEB has put in place:

  • The Legal Committee
  • The Digital Committee
  • The Section of Educational Publishers
  • The Section of Scientific Publishers and Reference Books
  • The Section of the Distributors
  • A group concerning the price of the book 
  • A group concerning export 


  • ADEB also fulfils its mission thanks to:
    • Active participation at the heart of PILEn.
    • Consistent relations with the WBI and the Walloon and Brussels Regions to work together in the field of exports (collective stands at book fairs abroad, professional catalogues, web sites…).
    • Continued relations with the Ministry of Culture of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.
    • The representation of the profession in several intersectorial cases.
    • Excellent relations with the VUV (Vlaamse uitgevers vereniging), the SNE (National Labor Union of Publishing) and continued relations with the publishers' federations of members of the European Union, the Labor Union of French-speaking Bookshops (LFB), Reprobel,…