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Publishers' companies

Booksellers' association

  • Labor union of the French-speaking bookshops of Belgium (SLFB):
    • Meeting ADEB/Labor union of the French-speaking bookshops of Belgium (SLFB) of June 13th, 2012 

A meeting between both associations, on the initiative of the ADEB. The schedule being opened, the following points were evoked:

  • table and unique price compared to the on-line sales and of which by Amazon;
  • educational publishing compared to the digital technology;
  • market inquiries (book market and from the type GFK) and transport of books;
  • training and joint commission 218;
  • PILE. Every association has to determine what she wants to place in the basket of the professional partnership.

In conclusion, the SLFB will send in the next few weeks a list of points and specific requests which will be the object of follow-ups within sections and committees concerned by the ADEB before being transferred at the level of both associations (during autumn, 2012). The same sections and the committees will determine points and cases which they wish to share with the interprofession.

Authors' companies

  • SACD, Union of authors and playwrights:
  • Scam, Civil society of the multimedia authors:
  • Sabam, Belgian company of the authors, composers and publishers:
  • Sofam, Multimedia company of the authors of the visual arts:
  • Assucopie, Collective management company of the rights of reprography of the school, scientific and university authors:
  • ARAPB, Royal Association of the professional artists of Belgium:
  • SAJ, Company of journalists' copyright:

Librarians' associations

  • Professional association of the librarians (APBD):
  • Interdiocesan federation of the librarians and catholic libraries (FIBBC):