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PILEn, Partenariat interprofessionnel du livre et de l’édition numérique (The Interprofessional Partnership of the Book and Digitial Editions)

PILEn is an association which principally works on the development of digital publishing.

It is a group of four associations, which together make up PILEn:

  • ADEB (The Association des Belgian Publishers) and EL&C (Espace Livre et Création) to represent the publishers and distributors ;
  • The Maison des Auteurs (with the collaboration of the SACD – SCAM – SOFAM, the Société de Gestion de Droits d’Auteurs, and BELA, database of authors and promotion site) to represent the authors ;
  • The SLFB (Syndicat des librairies francophones de Belgique asbl – the Union of French-speaking Bookshops in Belgium).


Training organised by PILEn

The list of training organised by PILEn is available here ici.

Methods of subscription are via email to 

The training is free. The cost per subscription is €360, and is fully taken care of by PILEn, thanks to the kind help of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles from their budget concerning the digitalisation of the book industry.

It is important to note that the people who enrol onto the training are engaged and must participate, except in case of serious circumstances. All absences which are not sufficiently justified will be fined €100 per training session.


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