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Aims of the Section of Educational Publishers:

  • Activities to raise awareness of the phenomenon of photocopying in educational environments.
  • The promotion of textbooks and books in schools.
  • The defense of the demands of the sector to the public authorities.


The digital technology: an educational upheaval?

Colloquium organized by the Association of the Belgian publishers (school ADEB) and the Public service of Wallonia (SPW), on Wednesday October 19th, within the framework of the Fair Education 2011.

The interventions are on-line.


  1. ICTS (Information and communication technologies) at school: state of the question:
    • A state of the situation in Community Wallonia - Brussels, (according to the study carried out by the AWT) - André Delacharlerie (AWT)
    • The challenges of the digital transition - Catherine Lucet (Editis).
  2. The digital contents:
    • What digital contents to make what? - Marianne Poumay (ULG).
    • What is the digital textbook? - Catherine Lucet.
    • A concrete example of enriched digital textbook and all its possibilities - Sébastien Leplaideur (Belin)
  3. ICTS: an improvement in the art to learn? And the training of the teachers? - Marianne Poumay.
  4. A new plan ICTS in the service of the education….the digital school of tomorrow - Raymonde Yerna (Adviser to Mister . Marcourt's Cabinet).
  5. ICTS and education - an essential pillar of the Master's degree Plan ICTS- Jean-Claude Marcourt, Vice-president of the Walloon Government and Minister of the economy, the SME, the foreign trade and the New technologies.
  6. Questions-answers: joint animation ADEB-SPW.

Memorandum of the school publishers (March 2009).

  1. The school publishers ask that the French Community relies on their professionalism to conceive permanently adapted textbooks, and then in that of the teachers to analyze them, choose them and use them with their pupils. A healthy competition between several publishers guarantees to the teachers a quality offer, among which they can choose freely, in dialogue with their colleagues, in coherence and in the continuity, the textbooks which will suit best to their pupils. The publishers notice that the measures organizing the approval of textbooks and educational tools, far from favoring the return of the textbook, really slow it down. They thus ask for the abrogation of this approval.
  2. The school publishers ask that we define a plan of re-equipment and that we give schools the recurring structural means reserved explicitly for the purchase of textbooks and educational tools in the direction of the definition of the ADEB, in the strict respect for the freedom of the method and thus for choice (cf. opinion of the Council of the Book). 
  3. A return of the textbook, quite specially in the fundamental education, can be envisaged only if the teachers are informed but especially trained in the choice and in the use of such tools (both in their initial training and in the continued training). The publishers ask that such a training appears clearly in the objectives of the French Community. The school publishers ask finally, as partners of the education, to be associated from the beginning to the revision of basic reference, to propose on the market textbooks adapted from the enforcement of the reforms, participating in their wide distribution with the teacher public: the experience shows that a new program goes unheeded if it is not quickly accompanied with practical tools for its implementation.