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Specific aid for the attention of publishers : ‘Le Fonds d’aide à l’édition’/FAE (The Funds for Aiding Publishing)

The FAE, funded by the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (FWB), offer financial support to French-language Belgian publishers, by means of quarterly projects available until the funds are exhausted.

The calendar of registration for these projects :

  • 31st January
  • 30th April
  • 31st July
  • 31st October


Who can ask for aid ?

Requests can be sent by :

·       A publisher (they can also be simply a digital publisher) which respects the professional criteria mentioned in the « Charte du Service général des Lettres et du livre de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles relative à l’édition professionnelle et aux critères auxquels elle doit répondre pour pouvoir introduire une demande d’aide » (The Charter of the General Service of Literature of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles regarding professonal publishing and the criteria which it must meet to be able to request support).

·       A group comprising principally but not exclusively of professional publishers : it is in their name that the request must be introduced.


What support ? Concerning what amounts ? What types of projects are eligible ?

To be taken into consideration, a request should suppose that its object is not accomplished at the date of introducing the request, and that it is distributed at the earliest a month after this date.


1. For printed publications :

 a)       Loans without interest, repayable in two payments spaced out by a year : 50% to be paid within a deadline of two years, and 50% by a deadline of three years after the loan was given. The amount of these loans cover a maximum of 50% of the costs of production.

 b)      Subsidies for subsequent works: in order to plan for the publication going into digital format, and to avoid the subsequent costs of conversion, it is important to correctly format the contents of the paper copy the first time. This is why the funds take care of 50% of additional costs linked to the elaboration of a DTD (définition de type de document) particular to a type of work, or XML coding.

2. For projects concerning digital publications (conversions or works which were originally published digitally) and other digital projects including published content

a) Technical expertise subsidised by 80% (up to a maximum of €2,400) for publishers employing a maximum of 10 full-time employees.

The request will only be taken into consideration on the presentation of a file containing an estimate from an expert. Click here for the list of approved experts : Une liste d’experts agréés par la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

b) Subsidies for the digital exploitation of publications

For projects concerning publications originally published in digital format, or for publications in paper format unavailable in digital format (conversions), that the publisher thinks is necessary to sell in this format, a subsidy could be granted to permit this exploitation (free or paid) of these digitalised contents.

For conversions : the first projects will take into consideration publications created from 2000, and will aim to cover this period.

c) Subsidies for digital developments (e.g. platforms, medias) which contain published contents

These subsidies, providing a maximum of 50% of eligible costs (this percentage can be reduced according to the type of the request), will cover the technical costs of the publication.

3. For mixed publications on both paper and digital formats

Mixed projects can appeal, for the paper format, to the loan programme and, for the digital format, to the subsidies programme. The analysis of the file must however be an overall analysis in order to avoid paying for the same costs twice.

For more information, please see the site :

Support available to those involved in the book chain (a list drawn up with the help of the Direction générale des Lettres et du Livre)

1. The Regions

Bruxelles-Capitale (The Brussels Region)

More than around one hundred public assistances are available for businesses in Brussels, and more than around fifty public organisations or subsidised organisations offer firm assistance to Brussels businesses. Information on this help is available is directly available on (via subsidies and financing), a website developed by the Agence bruxelloise pour l’entreprise (the Brussels Agency for Business). Through a search engine, it allows you to determine which types of financial aid are available for your business. It also gives a list of accompanying organisations which can provide assistance and various advice.

To know more about financial aid offered to small and medium-sized businesses by the Brussels Region, you can also consult this website :


Assistance for exporting

You will find financial incentives and assistance for exporting on the Bruxelles-Export website :

This is managed by the Commerce extérieur du Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles-capitale :


The Wallonie Region

A lot of public financial assistance is available via the Wallonie Region’s site :

For financial aid to businesses :­mesures-d-aide/aides-financieres/index.html

Assistance for exporting

AWEX, the Wallonie Agency for exportation and foreign investments, is the department of the Wallonie Region in charge of promoting foreign business and the welcoming of foreign investors :

Research and new technologies

For support linked to research and new technologies, please consult the site


For specific files, linked among others to digitalisation projects, contact the office of Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister of the Economy, Small and Medium Businesses, and New Technologies (tél. 081/234 111).



2. La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (The Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation)

The Service général des lettres et du livre (the Organisation of Literature) manages support given to professionals involved in the book chain.

Information on support given to :

  • Authors
  • Writing workshops
  • Translation
  • Literary meetings
  • Publishers
  • Literary reviews
  • Bookshops
  • Literary associations
  • Professional associations of books
  • Libraries


Is available on these websites : and



3. Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) supports publishers in the human sciences in the Wallonie-Bruxelles area. This support is given by :

  • Aiding translations : WBI intervenes in the competition concerning the advance on the translation rights to be paid by the acquiring publisher. A commission rules on the requests introduced by publishers. Please see this document ci-joint ;
  • The purchasing of books destined for academic spheres abroad. A commission chooses titles based on catalogues sent by publishers.

Please contact: Cédric Callenaere, 02/421 83 07,


4. St'art : le Fonds d'investissement pour les entreprises créatives (Funds for the Investment in Creative Entreprises)

The Funds for the Investment in Creative Entreprises (not including the cinema), known as ‘St’art’, a joint project with the French Community of the Wallonie Region, is an instrument for developing cultural entreprises in Wallonie and Brussels.

For more information, please see

Contact : Madame Virgine Civrais, Directrice générale, tél. 065/39 47 10,


5. European Support

There are essentially two sources of support :


6. Support from French organisations

Le Centre national du livre (CNL) (The National Centre of the Book)

The CNL provides support to French-language professionals outside of French territories. It is particularly the case regarding certain support given to authors, publishers and bookshops. The role of the CNL is to contribute to the maintenance and development of works of quality and slow sales in the French language.

It advises professionals involved in the book chain in the French-speaking community to consult their website  to find out the possibilities offered, such as subsidies to innovative digital projects, the digitalisation of documents under rights, or to digital publishing projects.

L'Association pour le développement de la librairie de création (Adelc) (The Association for the Development of the Creative Bookshop)

The French-speaking community of Belgium covers the cost paid to Adelc by the Union of French-language Bookshops of Belgium, to allow the French-language Belgian bookshops to access support given by Adelc :