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Firstly, what legal structure should you adopt for your business ?

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Are you a future publisher ?

There are certain legal obligations a publisher must follow whilst working in the industry.


Written contracts for authors, illustrators…

The law concerning copyright and the similar rights of 30 June 1994 specified the conditions in which a publisher can acquire the copyright : the contract, which must be written, must contain several specifities, notably when dealing with the extent of the acquired rights. In addition, the acquisition of certain right is limited, in particular rights of future works.


Legally Registering Copyrights

The legalisation on registering established copyrights, since the 1st January 1966, has outlined the obligitory registration of copyrights at the Bibliothèque royale de Belgique (the Royal Library of Belgium), involving two types of publications :

  • Published since this date in Belgium (books and periodicals of at least 5 pages).
  • Published abroad but whose author or one of the authors is Belgian and is living in Belgium.

Registration of copyrights takes place at the following address :

Bibliothèque royale
Service du Dépôt légal
Bld de l'Empereur, 4 - 1000 Bruxelles
Tél : 02/519 53 74



The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) used for books (and the ISSN for journals) allows one to identify, together with the printed production, every publication, whatever it is. This measure is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended.

This can be obtained at:

AFNIL (Agence francophone de numérotation internationale du livre)
rue Grégoire de Tours, 35 - 75006 Paris
Tél : +33-1-44 41 29 19



The barcode is an international language, including, for books, ISBN codes, managed by EAN Belgium.


EAN Belgium•Luxembourg
Rue Royale 29 • BE-1000 BRUXELLES
Tél.: 02 / 229 18 80
Fax : 02 / 217 43 47
e-mail :