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Les Editions du CEP – (Créations-Europe-Perspectives) : a new publishing house which has implanted itself at the heart of the French-speaking Belgian industry.
Founded the 4th June 2014 in the legal form of an SPRL, les Editions du CEP has its registered office in Charleroi, the city of origin for the two founders and directors, Richard Miller and Jean Meurice. The works are printed by Print (Belgium) in Charleroi-Marcinelle, and are distributed by Adybooks.

Our publishing project defines itself in three key words :
Creation : CEP is centred around all that which believes in, lives through and transforms itself via artistic, intellectual, economic and political fields.
Europe : CEP intends to participate in the construction of European federalisation, reaching towards a Europe which embodies a humanist culture with regard to other parts of the world.
Perspectives : CEP supports and is open to all different perspectives, against conservative forces, identical withdrawals and and methods of standardisation.

The acronym ‘CEP’ is also a reference to one of the foundations of European civilisation, throughout the many populations and cultures which make it up : the work in the vineyards, the artisan mastering of the grape varieties, the sheer variety of wines, and the simple human pleasures of the table ! Wine has never stopped nourishing the European imagination. It had a privileged place for Homer, who made it the ally of Ulysse in his fight against the barbaric cyclops who was incapable of mastering himself or making himself understood. Since then, wine has been a symbol of knowledge ; knowledge of oneself and knowledge of others. Les Editions du CEP subscribe to this cultural vision of shared knowledge, which is passed from one generation to the next.

    • Foundation year: 2014
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      Espace Livres & Création memberAdeb member
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    Richard Miller et Jean Meurice : fondateurs-gérants
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    Literature, Arts
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  • National Distribution: Adybooks
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    Librairie Wallonie-Bruxelles (France)
  • Publication languages: Français
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Les Éditions du CEP SPRL
Avenue des Oiseaux, 26
6001 Marcinelle

E-mails :, ou
Téléphone : +32 (0)475 43 67 37

Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0553.585.334