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Cahiers du Poème 2


Les Cahiers du Poème 2 are a unique publication whose annual publication in January coincides with the launch of the season of Poème 2.

The review journal includes interviews with authors in addition to interviews with artists associated with creations of the season.

Through texts of writers and the intersecting views of poets and thinkers, it aims to present an engaged critical, literary and poetic reflection, a didactic accompaniment (for those who would like to know more about it) and a scientific tool (the precision and rigour of different points of view such as different forms of interventions), on what is performed at Poème 2 each year.

The publication is accompanied by an edition of the announced creative texts of the season.

Les Cahiers du Poème 2 are collector’s editions. They are thought of, conceived, and made like an object of art you would keep, year after year.

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