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Born along with the new century, in 2001, and based in Mont-Saint-Guibert in the heart of Walloon Brabant, a new province, les éditions Le Coudrier are a breath of fresh air for poets. The woods in which dowsers use their rods is from where their name is derived, and is their emblem.

An artisan publishing house favouring literature which is principally poetic, les éditions LE COUDRIER publishes, at the cost of the publisher, an average of 10 poetry collections per year.

They are made up of 3 overarching collections:

- Coudrier, which corresponds to current print runs: paper-backed books in A5 format, generally illustrated on sketch paper.
- Sortilèges, which is the bibliophile’s collection and includes deluxe editions and unique books, as well as sewn collections in the Italian format.
- Coudraie, which groups together stories or various texts which aren’t specifically poetic.

Les éditions LE COUDRIER favours personal writing influenced by imagination, sensibility, musicality, and is the opposite of poetic intellectualisation or research sterile of formalism. The publisher is particularly in touch with the song of words and their publishing choices favour colourful writing, where the images respond to the musicality in an expression made up of feelings. The other, faraway place is often summoned, which concerns a return to childhood or human origins, or a dreamlike voyage into myth and legend.

    • Foundation year: 2001
    • Member of:
      Espace Livres & Création member
  • Staff introduction:
    Joëlle Billy : responsable
  • Specialities:
    School, Academic, Legal, Professional, Social sciences, Literature, Exact sciences
  • Numerical editions: Livres homothétiques - Livres augmentés - Service d'accès à des bases de connaissance
  • ISBN: 978-2-930498
  • Titles number: 102
  • Titles number per year: 10
  • National Distribution: Autodistribué
  • Foreign distribution:
    Librairie Wallonie-Bruxelles (France)
  • Publication languages: Français
  • Website:

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Le Coudrier
Grand'Place, 24
1435, Mont-Saint-Guibert

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Téléphone : +32 (0)10 65 72 83