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Éléments de langage


Since 2012, the publishing house Éléments de langage have woven a pathway by merging together literary creation, innovative composition and research into language. Putting language in reflection could be its motto, because it fears neither formalities nor jokes. ‘Éléments de langage pour mettre le feu à la langue de bois’ (Elements of language to set fire to meaningless language) is its true name, but as certain members of its team found it a little long, it was shortened, not without gaining in ambiguity. Essentially, Éléments de langage cannot be taken literally: it breaks open discourse, like shellfish, with its fingers. It focuses all of its attention on singular words.

Contact informations

Éléments de langage
1, rue Marconi
1190 Bruxelles

E-mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)473 37 56 37

Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0844.640.465