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Esperluète is a publishing house under the typographical sign of meeting : ‘Esperluète’ [n.f.] is the name given to the word ‘et’ and the typographical sign it is linked to, ‘&’. This &/’et’ is a link, a treaty of union, a point of meeting and depart… Besides the beauty of the sign ‘&’, the publishing house was created with the desire to create meetings between writers and visual artists. Each published book contains both text and images, in a project which follows a certain literary and aesthetic demand. This is in order for each book to be a unique dream, subscribed to the reality of our time.
Since 1994, the catalogue has filled little by little, to now include over 160 titles. The books are divided into 9 collections, literary or entertaining, defined by their forms : books, notebooks, histories, albums, playbooks, recipes and those outside of collections. Particular attention is paid to the catalogue, with an important promotion of the collections. It is, above all, a work of movement, which carries risk ; exploring a singular tool, the book, in order to slide into always surprising world of reading.
Very quickly, the meeting between the book and its reader became apparent as another meaning of the sign ‘&’, and has materialised under different forms : classic literary meetings, musical readings, the creation of exhibitions, workshops, participation in numerous book fairs and the organisation of a Marché du Livre at the Musée royal de Mariemont (biannual since 1997). The training in books is also one of the preoccupations of the publishers, whatever the network of teaching (from students of the Beaux-Arts to those learning to read). Esperluète is also one of the four active members of the association Les Editeurs associés, created in 1901, which aims to support the collaboration between small publishing houses in order to improve their representation.

Spécialités: Littérature, poésie, jeunesse, graphisme

    • Foundation year: 1994
  • Staff introduction:
    Anne Leloup : responsable
    Charlotte Guisset : assistante
  • Specialities:
    Literature, Youth
  • Numerical editions:
  • ISBN: 978-2-930223 ; 978-2-35984
  • Titles number: 160
  • Titles number per year: Entre 8 & 12
  • National Distribution: Esperluète éditions
  • Foreign distribution:
    Esperluète éditions
  • Publication languages: Français, bilingue français-anglais
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Rue de Noville, 9
5310, Noville-sur-Mehaigne

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Téléphone : +32 (0)81 81 12 63

Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0469.279.862