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Le Frémok is an association structure, founded in June 2002 as the fusion of two publishing houses of alternative comics, Fréon (Belgique) and Amok (France). Their founders, all comic book authors themselves, share the same passion which drives them to confront the reconstruction of the 9th art.

Le Frémok has become, therefore, a platform which allows authors and volunteers to carry out the most extreme experiments in the field of graphic literature, breaking down the barriers between genres, mixing poetry and politics, world outlooks and visual art narratives, art outsider and philosophical mass, young people’s literature and comic books, contemporary art and demonic series.

Le Frémok still believes in the book, and explores and rejects the specifics of the methods of printing, to make books which blow apart the preconceived norms of production in the genre.

    • Foundation year: 2002
    • Member of:
      Espace Livres & Création member
  • Staff introduction:
    Thierry Van Hasselt : responsable
    Lorane Marois : contact presse
  • Specialities:
    Youth, Comic strip, Arts
  • Numerical editions:
  • ISBN:
  • Titles number: 127
  • Titles number per year:
  • National Distribution: Sodis
  • Foreign distribution:
  • Publication languages: Français
  • Website:

Contact informations

51, rue de l'Instruction
1070 Bruxelles

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Téléphone : +32 (0)497 44 26 47