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Why Kantoken ?

In Japanese, there are two verbs for ‘regarder’ (to watch) : ‘Kan’ to look at the inside of things, and ‘ken’ to look at the outside.

Founded in 2013, Kantoken is a publishing house based in Brussels. It is in this European capital, a true melting pot of cultures, that we want to bring together different points of view, strange or foreign, from contemporary literature.

We publish texts by well-known authors valued in their country or field who have never or barely been translated into French. We work with renowned translators and exceptional authors of forewords.

    • Foundation year: 2013
    • Member of:
      Espace Livres & Création member
  • Staff introduction:
    Stéphane Van Reeth : responsable

  • Specialities:
  • Numerical editions:
  • ISBN:
  • Titles number:
  • Titles number per year:
  • National Distribution: Autodistribué
  • Foreign distribution:
    La Générale du Livre Libr'Est (France)
  • Publication languages: Français
  • Website:

Contact informations

Rue Georges Moreau 150
1070 Bruxelles

E-mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)484 19 84 13

Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0874.503.597