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At the heart of this publishing project, a certain conviction: on both sides of the linguistic field, Belgium brims with artists of all backgrounds and fields, iconoclastic, subversive and joyful, all of whom skilfully mix words and images, perpetuating a tradition which has been planted for a long time in the soft soil of countries of other languages. Little or barely known to the public, these works are only visited by a small circle of the initiated – amateurs of curiosa and confidential publications, which Belgium specialises in. The original intention of the project was therefore to promote it a little more, a little better in this country of unique artists one so often hears about, like a mute complaint, but who are never sold.

In choosing postcards as its medium, klet & co offered to publish a series of artistic publications refreshing to the eye, if not to the spirit. Because, unlike books, postcards are not a closed object: a teaser, always on the balcony, gifted with an immediate poetic effect, it offers itself freely to the view of all, to tickle their taste buds. Finally and most importantly, this age-old rectangular board is aimed to circulate: a hyphen between people, the postcard has the generous claim of making the distance it has just crossed disappear.

Since 2014, klet & ko have also produced publications of artists under the name Anima Ludens: limited edition engravings, books and artist objects.

    • Foundation year: 2006
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    François de Coninck : responsable
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