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The truth is always good to read…

Our publishing house determinedly engages in wanting to promote the big questions of society.

Our unique aim is to give a voice to authors who interrogate the reader, the citizen. Journalists, experts, witnesses or protagonists, they have the aim, through their books, of opening doors that were believed to be closed, building bridges between the past and the future, between the desire of elsewhere, and of questioning oneself…

For almost 20 years, the aim of our publishers has been to be partners of a world which is constantly changing and questioning itself, even if, in the case of Albert Londres, we are rubbing salt into the wound.

Partners of reflection which show the reality of this world that we want to make better, the books in our catalogue are invitations to reflect and discover.

    • Foundation year: 1999
  • Staff introduction:
    Alain Jourdan : directeur général
    Véronique de Montfort : directrice éditoriale
    Louise Depuydt : responsable éditoriale
    Aurielle Marlier : attachée de presse
    Raïssa Denil : responsable production
    Mathilde de Jamblinne : responsable promotion
  • Specialities:
    School, Social sciences
  • Numerical editions: Livres homothétiques - Livres augmentés
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  • National Distribution: Interforum Benelux
  • Foreign distribution:
    Interforum France
  • Publication languages: Français
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La Boîte à Pandore
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