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Je Réussis


Je Réussis, the number one extracurricular brand in Belgium !
Je Réussis is a range of teaching tools and cultural references which accompany parents and children until the end of primary school, and even further.

With Je Réussis, the child will be able to :
- Integrate the subject.
- Revise key ideas.
- Discover new knowledge.
- Solve difficulties met throughout the year.

Edited by Belgian teachers, and therefore conforming to the syllabus, the exercise books and range of products allows children to train themselves, to revise the information in a new, fun and accessible way, with helpful excercises in maths, French, Dutch, English and general culture. They will also help parents to follow their children’s work more closely and better support their learning.

Je Réussis is also a collection of children’s novels and beautifully illustrated albums on Belgium, its history, its culture, and all that children should know about their country, for curious readers of all ages.
Je Réussis is therefore the partner of families and schools, helping children to discover their subjects, progress, find help with work at home and thrive.

    • Foundation year: 2000
  • Staff introduction:
    Alain Jourdan : éditeur administrateur
    Louise Depuydt : responsable éditoriale
    Aurielle Marlier : attachée de presse
    Raïssa Denil : responsable production
    Mathilde de Jamblinne : responsable promotion
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  • National Distribution: Interforum Benelux
  • Foreign distribution:
    Interforum France
  • Publication languages: Français - Néérlandais - Anglais - Allemand - Espagnol
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Contact informations

Je réussis
Avenue Paul de Lorraine, 5
1410 Waterloo

E-mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)2 626 06 70

Heures d'ouverture : 9h-17h30
Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0473.450.961