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Âne qui butine


A cross-border (France-Belgium) micro-publishing house founded in 1999, with beautiful, imaginative origins, l'Âne qui butine creates works which can deviate from the traditional form of books: a ball of paper, a suspended book…

At the cost of the publisher, l'Âne has published, to this day, almost 100 authors (from France, Belgian Wallonie and Flanders, Quebec, Switzerland…). All of our authors have a poetic attitude and an air of absolute bliss faced with l'Âne (!) … the perfection of the swarm?

The world of l'Âne is also, and especially, the weaving together of meetings which articulate the intermingling between text and image, object and book, line and page.

Sometimes l'Âne reveals itself to the world through the means of fleeting, poetic actions: in trees, near a spring, the author of multidimensional exhibitions, themed meals, shocking readings (or even explosive…)

Without forgetting their travelling exhibition and their workshops of writing and visual arts.

l'Âne qui butine is also a workshop.

    • Foundation year: 1999
  • Staff introduction:
    Anne Letoré : responsable de fabrication
    Christoph Bruneel : relieur et restaurateur de livres
  • Specialities:
    Fine books, Literature
  • Numerical editions:
  • ISBN:
  • Titles number: 200
  • Titles number per year:
  • National Distribution:
  • Foreign distribution:
  • Publication languages: Français - Néerlandais
  • Website:

Contact informations

L'Âne qui butine
Rue du Chemin de Fer 28
7700 Mouscron

E-mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)56 84 57 52