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Adeb - Association of the Belgian Publishers

Archives et Musée de la Littérature (AML)


As a publisher, les AML publishes :

- Critiques on Belgian authors, correspondences, biographies,… (as it has done since 1979, with the collection ‘Archives du futur’).

- Collections dedicated to the study of French-speaking literature in Belgium, Europe and Africa (such as the collection 'Documents pour l’histoire des francophonies’ by the publishers P.I.E.-Peter Lang and the collection ‘Papier blanc Encre noire’ by the publishers M.E.O. Editions).

- A poetry journal, ‘Balises’ (co-edited with Didier Devillez), which, since 2002, has published numerous annuals centred around a theme, aiming to bring together various critical and creative approaches.
- A series, ‘Congo-Meuse’ (co-edited with L’Harmattan), an area of dialogue and research between Belgium, Burundi, the Congo and Rwanda.

- A series, ‘D’entre les bras du fleuve’ (co-edited with le Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles de Kinshasa).
From 1981 to 2005, the Annual of Shows of the French-speaking Community of Belgium has been published, a chronological directory of shows being put on by Belgian theatre companies in French, and foreign shows invited to our community. Today, you can find the Annual in digital format, via the database ASP@sia.

- Numerous (co)editions published with partners of the institution (Espace Nord, Les Midis de la Poésie, Correspondance, Beloeil, Confluencias, Ecriture, Cahiers Henry Bauchau, Actualités du patrimoine autobiographique...).

    • Foundation year: 1958
  • Staff introduction:
    Marc Quaghebeur : directeur et administrateur délégué
    Laurence Boudardt : directrice adjointe
    Luc Wanlin : premier assistant
    Christophe Meurée : premier assistant scientifique
    Nancy Dubois : secrétariat
    Christel du Buisson : première adjointe administrative à la direction
    Saskia Bursens : première archivitse
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  • Numerical editions: Livres homothétiques
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    Pollen + Ciaco
  • Publication languages: Français
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