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Founded in 2001 in Havré (near to Mons, in Belgium), les Editions Audace have launched several collections which, little by little, are spreading to numerous publishing spheres: French literature, detective novels, human sciences, dialects, documents…

Terre natale : this collection aims to allow the reader to discover contemporary works in dialect. It is proof of the liveliness of local people. With the translation, the reader will be able to engage with the author’s prose, and easily get to grips with the depth of the texts. It is not one work so much as two the reader holds in their hands. Works that are anchored in their locality.

- Terre d’asile : we would like to honour the authors, artists and creators who knew to find asylum with us, a sanctuary and a fertile earth for their social and cultural development.

- Libres propos : this collection is the opportunity to give a voice to both well-known and little-known authors who offer a personal reflection on secularism, whether it be good or not. This approach sees itself only as a debate forum of ideas.

- En Quête(s) : a close collaboration with la Roulotte théâtrale, this collection allows the reader to discover texts which explore the human genre across human behaviour, their psychology, their perversion, their humanist tendency, their courage, their cowardliness, in the sense of the meaning of life for the same people…

Above all, la Maison Audace would like to constantly remind the world of the joys of reading. It hopes your reading is exciting and fulfilling.

    • Foundation year: 2001
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      Espace Livres & Création member
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    Pierre Bragard : responsable
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    Social sciences, Literature
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