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Our publishing house was founded in 1996 by the Belgian doctor Dirk Lippens, with the aim of distributing the works of Christiane Beerlandt, philosopher and Belgian author in the Dutch language. Her works are published in several international languages. A major part of her work has already been translated into French.

In her works, Christiane Beerlandt lays bare the deeper origins – on a personal as well as world level – of various phenomena: illnesses, events, emotions (grief, anxiety), our preferences for certain foods, etc. We can consider these phenomena as ‘signs’ created by our living Core. If we properly understand these signs, and act upon them, we will be able to progress continuously on the path to happiness and health.

Describing the 'why' of all kinds of events, diseases, facts, … her works psychologically, emotionally and energetically explore the depths of the human soul with striking accuracy. Her books support those who wish to work on their personal development. Her writings are appreciated worldwide by the general public as well as professionals (doctors, scientists, etc.).

    • Foundation year: 1996
  • Staff introduction:
    Dirk Lippens : fondateur, directeur
    Marcel Vögeli : assistant à la direction
  • Specialities:
    Social sciences
  • Numerical editions: Non
  • ISBN: 978-90-75849
  • Titles number:
  • Titles number per year:
  • National Distribution: DG Diffusion et Diffusion Nord-Sud (région francophone) ; CB (région néerlandophone)
  • Foreign distribution:
    DG Diffusion (France) ; Prologue Inc. (Canada) ;Transat SA (Suisse); Gazelle Books (monde anglo-saxon), Herold Verlagsauslieferung (monde germanophone)
  • Publication languages: Français - Anglais - Néerlandais - Allemand
  • Website:

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