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Zones sensibles


Zones sensibles is a new Belgian publishing house, based in Brussels and specialised in human sciences (and also benefiting from 15 years of experience in the publishing world). ‘Sciences de l’homme’ (human sciences) here refers to a vast field of studies relating to the human in various guises (social, artistic, political, cultural v. natural etc.), a field which touches upon anthropology just as much as graphic novels, cultural studies as well as the history of medicine, the world of sound as well as the geographical world, urban environments as well as uninhabited ones.

With a reasonable rhythm of publications (as growing your readership needs time), and supported by a committee of international scientific sponsorship, Zones sensibles will offer works in a variety of subjects, coming from different voices (renowned university academics as well as young authors), and more often than not translated – the points of view from outside being as important, if not more so, than those coming from within.

    • Foundation year: 2011
  • Staff introduction:
    Alexandre Laumonier : fondateur
  • Specialities:
    Social sciences, Fine books
  • Numerical editions: Non
  • ISBN: 978-2-930601
  • Titles number:
  • Titles number per year: 8
  • National Distribution: Belles Lettres
  • Foreign distribution:
    Belles Lettres
  • Publication languages: Français
  • Website:

Contact informations

Zones sensibles
277, boulevard de Smet de Naeyer
1090 Bruxelles

E-mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)476 07 43 30

Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0823.483.280