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Somnambule équivoque (Editions du)


Our publishing house is composed of five collections:

- "Fulgurances": Short, incisive, intense and stylish novels, gateways into another world.

- "Exaltations": Cultural enthusiasms, dense, literary, exalted texts, coming from the heart and soul. Behind the discussion of various cultural issues lies the personality of the author.

- "Dérapages": Again very literary texts, superbly written, around an iconoclastic desire, willingly humorous. Based around subversion, certainly, but also funny and revealing.

- "Short Stories": Short stories intensely characterised by their contemporary nature.

- "Som'Ado": Novels aimed at young readers.

    • Foundation year: 2003
  • Staff introduction:
    Philippe Bachy : cofondateur
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  • Titles number: 30
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  • Publication languages: Français

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Le Somnambule équivoque
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