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Rose des Vents


All of the role plays offered by Rose des Vents are creations, like all of the texts and poems published on their site. Rose de Vents’ role plays are independent works, written by Morgane Reynier with the help of talented friends and the support of self-publication, such as

Why Rose des Vents?

‘La rose des vents’ (a compass rose) is the symbol of travellers: it opens up new horizons, allows you to choose your next destination in a mysterious and marvellous way. It accompanies all explorers in their travels.

The games of Rose des Vents invite you to share amazing new experiences, and explore methods which are little-known in traditional games. It offers an incredible journey into your imagination and creativity.

Spécialités : jeu de rôle, nouvelle, haïku

    • Foundation year: 2014
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    Morgane Reynier : fondatrice
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Rose des Vents

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