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Archives générales du Royaume et Archives de l'État dans les Provinces (Archives de l'État)


The ‘Archives générales du Royaume’ (General Archives of the Kingdom) and the ‘Archives de l’État dans les Provinces’ (State Archives in the Provinces), known collectively as the Archives de l’État (the State Archives), are a scientific establishment of the ‘Services publics fédéraux de Belgique’ and form part of the ‘Service public fédéral de programmation (SPP) Politique scientifique’. The institution is composed of the Archives générales du Royaume in Brussels, and 19 contributions from the Archives de l’État across the country.

From the acquisition of archives to their conservation, in addition to research, scientific research and promoting the collections, the tasks of the Archives de l’État are numerous. Les Archives de l’État moreover aims to conserve archival documents produced and managed by Belgian public authorities:

- Conservation and management of more than 315km of archives
- Classifying documents and putting them into the inventory
- Online access
- Acquisition of new archives
- Advice on the management of archives
- Research on institutions, and management of archives
- Public services
- Registration of ISIL codes
- Digitalisation of the archives
- Restoration of archives

    • Foundation year: 1796
  • Staff introduction:
    Kathleen Devoldere : chef de service archivistique
    Flore Plisnier : archiviste
    Geert Leloup : archiviste
  • Specialities:
    Academic, Social sciences, Economy & management, Exact sciences
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  • Publication languages: Français - Anglais - Néerlandais
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Archives générales du Royaume et Archives de l'Etat dans les Provinces (Archives de l'Etat)
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1000 Bruxelles

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Téléphone : +32 (0)2 513 76 80

Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0875.388.475