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The MADmusée (which stands for the Musée d'Art Différencié) is a museum of Art Brut Contemporain (Contemporary Brut Art) situated in Liège (B).

Its mission is the conservation and promotion of works produced by mentally handicapped artists, in the context of a workshop and possessing an INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION composed of 2,500 works.

In addition to conservation, study of its collection and the planning of TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS, le MADmusée is developing two other fields of specific activities: an EDUCATIONAL SERVICE which involves cultural mediation which brings together awareness-raising theories and practises, and a CENTRE OF DOCUMENTATION, regarding the works of Brut Art and its ramifications. The centre is additionally composed of a specific, complete centre dedicated to non-conventional architectural projects ‘outside of the box’.

    • Foundation year: 1998
  • Staff introduction:
    Stéphanie Levecq : collection permanente
    Marie Remacle : projets & partenariats
    Anne-Sophie Arnould : service éducatif
    Mureil Thies : communication
    Antonin Joyeux : centre de documentation
    Mario Iliou : comptabilité
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  • Publication languages: Français
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Contact informations

Le MADmusée
Parc d'Avroy
4000 Liège

E-mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)4 222 32 95
Télécopieur : +32 (0)4 222 39 70