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Comité d'Histoire Religieuse du Brabant Wallon (CHIREL BW)


The non-profit organisation CHIREL BW is a regional association which groups together, at the heart of local committees, voluntary members – professionals and amateurs – in order to preserve and promote the traces of the religious past of the Brabant Wallon region, in particular parish archives which form the memory of their community.

Inventories of the parish and chapel archives are elaborated upon. Open doors in churches, colloquiums and trips make its members and the general public more and more aware of the richness of their heritage.

Les Cahiers du CHIREL BW and la Revue d’histoire du Brabant wallon. Religion, heritage, society – the Revue d’histoire religieuse du Brabant wallon since 1987 – favours the publication of articles linked to promoting discoveries and inquiries led by our members, our supporters and all collaborators of the association, which celebrates its thirtieth birthday in 2013.

    • Foundation year: 1983
  • Staff introduction:
    Eric Bousmar : président
    Marie-Astrid Collet : historienne, responsable de projets
    Evelyne d'Ursel : permanences
    Sabine Legros : permanence
  • Specialities:
    Social sciences
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  • Publication languages: Français
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Contact informations

Comité d'Histoire Religieuse du Brabant Wallon (CHIREL BW)
Centre Pastoral
Chaussée de Bruxelles, 65A
1300 Wavre

E-mail :
Téléphone : +32 (0)10 23 52 79
Télécopieur : +32 (0)10 24 26 92

Heures d'ouverture : du lundi au vendredi de 9h-12h30 à 13h30-16h
Numéro d'entreprise : BE 0432.411.152