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Comité pour l'Abolition des Dettes Illégitimes (CADTM)


Le CADTM Belgique and its international network are omnipresent in the auditing process of debts and in campaigns against illegal debt in countries where the network CADTM is based.

The strategy for reaching our global objective of freeing people lies in 6 steps:

1. Research/writing on the ‘debt system’ combined with the development of educational tools;
2. Reinforcement of the CADTM network;
3. Awareness raising and training in the non-governmental sector, social movements and amongst citizens;
4. Mobilisation of citizens, non-governmental organisations and social movements;
5. Awareness raising of the media;
6. Appeals to public authorities.

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    Eric Toussaint : porte-parole
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    Economy & management
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Comité pour l'Abolition des Dettes Illégitimes (CADTM)
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