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The London Book Fair is the place to be for rights negotiations, and to discover the latest innovations in the publishing industry.

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The London Book Fair : 2016, the first year of participation from the French-language Belgian publishers !

In 2016, ADEB decided to propose a new initiative in the field of exports. The London Book Fair is a place to sell and buy rights, a huge force in the Anglo-Saxon market. It is also open to creative industries and new medias.

Organised in spring, 6 months from Frankfurt, it has become the second annual meeting for publishing professionals.

This first venture to the London Book Fair delivered on all of its expectations.

It was important that the French-language publishers of Belgium were present and represented on this international stage, although it was difficult for them to progress in buying and selling rights due to the time and methods this demanded. ADEB is going to meet with the public authorities in order to make them aware of this problem and seek support, in particular for translations.

We were able to establish a network of contacts in the economic and cultural spheres of London. This will open new horizons for us, to help fulfill our targets of promoting the works of our publishers.